Brand Winston cigarettes

The occurrence of filter cigarettes in Europe has briefly promoted this continent in the tobacco industry. Soon, best filtered cigarettes also appeared on the US territory thanks to the famous Edward Darr.

Top manager of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company came from his European trip, where he discovered the new kind of cigarettes – filter cigarettes. Well, that time there were only non-filtered cigarettes in the USA, so Edward Darr decided to create the unique, strong and cheap cigarettes Winston. Later these cigarettes became popular not just in the USA, but all over the world. And since June 1954, wholesale cigarettes Winston became the first cigarette brand in the United States that were issued with a filter in mass production.

Indeed, Winston cigarettes types are among the best world cigarette brands. These cigarettes were popular due to their good quality, easy smoking process and outstanding flavor properties. Despite the fact that Winston cigarettes blue are rather heavy ones, you will enjoy smoking them. You won’t just feel their tar and heaviness. No, Winston cigarettes blue has got some special flavor, which maintains the aroma of good tobacco. However, tar doesn’t interrupt the taste and flavor of the cigarettes and the pleasure of smoking process.

In general Winston cigarettes UK brand can be considered one of the best brands, as it won many awards and prizes. Since 1956, Winston always took the first places at different shows, taking “the best cigarette brand”, “the best-selling brand”, etc.

Interesting history of Winston cigarettes review gives us lot information about cigarettes of that time. Winston cigarettes catalog took many changes, but fundamentally this cigarette brand will probably never be changed. We remember it as Winston, because once you taste cigarettes Winston lights, you will never forget the flavor and aroma of these cigarettes.

Winston Cigarettes Company issues both strong and mild cigarettes. The Company does not establish frames of using cigarettes Winston Silver or cigarettes Winston White, which means that men and women can equally use these tobacco products. Actually there was created a special line of Winston Slims for women.

Winston cigarettes manufacturer improves the quality of its products all the time, therefore different innovations help to achieve the greater popularity of Winston cigarettes additive free. The beginners can also choose Winston cigarettes online as their first cigarette to smoke because of the mild flavor and soft aroma of Winston cigarettes.

Winston cigarettes kinds

Winston cigarettes are presented by the following kinds:

  • Winston Blue: 8 mg of tar; 0,6 mg of nicotine
  • Winston Classic: 10 mg of tar; 0,8 mg of nicotine
  • Winston White: 1 mg of tar; 0,1 mg of nicotine
  • Winston Silver: 4 mg of tar; 0,4 mg of nicotine
  • Winston Super Slims Blue 100’s: 5 mg of tar; 0,5 mg of nicotine
  • Winston Super Slims Silver 100’s: 3 mg of tar; 0,3 mg of nicotine
  • Winston XS Blue mini: 6 mg of tar; 0,5 mg of nicotine
  • Winston XS Silver mini: 4 mg of tar; 0,4 mg of nicotine
  • Winston Super Slims Fresh Menthol 100’s: 5 mg of tar; 0,5 mg of nicotine

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