Virginia Slims

Brand Virginia cigarettes

Virginia is one of the best cigarette brands, produced by Philip Morris Company. This cigarette brand was developed in 1968 and originally was positioned as feminine cigarettes. The slogans and banners were always directed to the attention of women, showing the true nature of cheap cigarettes Virginia.

Virginia cigarette brand was a sponsor for different women’s competitions many times, for instance women’s tennis. Thus, popular models and actresses took part in advertising of Virginia cigarettes sale. Of course, this helped to improve the reputation of Virginia cigarettes manufacturers and attract more women to use these cigarettes. So, according to statistics, about 7% of women smoked namely Virginia Super Slims cigarettes, when they were on top. Now, the brand has become less popular, but still remains a feminine and very delicate brand. Discount cigarettes Virginia have always been the highest-level cigarettes. Virginia raises women on the higher level, showing that they deserve best cigarettes.

Cheap Virginia cigarettes were meant for young and successful women mostly. Beautiful design of the pack, the shape of the cigarettes and their lightness could be compared only with young and beautiful lady, light and elegant as well. The pack is designed in warm colors with smooth and nice lines. Cigarettes Virginia Slims purse pack is slimmer than any other cigarette packs, which also underlines their elegance. Every detail in cigarettes Virginia blend reminds us the beautiful young women, who are worth of the best quality.

Virginia cigarettes tobacco is very light and mild, as it contains a reduced amount of nicotine. Women love Virginia cigarettes pleasant light flavor and simply enjoy smoking them. There is one more advantage of cheap Virginia cigarettes. Due to the fact that golden Virginia cigarettes are made long and slim shaped, Virginia cigarettes manufacturers claim that it contributes to the slower release of the smoke during smoking the cigarette.

Virginia cigarette brand is worth of the highest praise not just as female brand. The perfect quality, high-quality tobacco blend and the unique production of light cigarettes helped to create the unmatched Virginia cigarette brand.

Virginia cigarette kinds

It’s worth of noting that cheap cigarettes Virginia brand has plenty variants of cigarettes:

  • Virginia Slims UNO (white) 100`s
  • Virginia Slims UNO black 100’s
  • Virginia Slims Super Slims Blue 100’s
  • Virginia Super Slims Premium One 100’s
  • Virginia S. Menthol Super Slims 100s
  • Virginia S. Pink Super Slims 100s
  • Virginia S. Violet Super Slims 100s

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