Brand Pall Mall cigarettes

Pall Mall is one of first and the most successful cigarette brands, which occurred in 1899, and until our days these cigarettes stay very popular and good ones. Discount cigarettes Pall Mall is not just a cigarette brand, but a unique creation. It has experienced so many changes that the other brands and tobacco manufacturers can only evaluate the success achieved by Pall Mall.

Pall Mall is one of the first premium-class cigarette brands. First, they were offered to people like this kind of cigarette class and were pretty expensive, but still good. But after, the production of this cigarette brand was transferred from Butler & Butler Company to American Tobacco Company, Pall Mall cigarettes non filter became not just cigarettes, but a tester-brand.

The new owners of the Pall Mall cigarette brand began using it for their own purposes, testing the innovations and new trends on it. These cigarettes have passed a very interesting and long way. Due to this cheap Pall Mall cigarettes are considered one of the best cigarette brands. Pall Mall Cigarettes Company tested a special method of filling the tobacco, which improves the quality of cigarettes and makes the process of smoking much easier and pleasant. They also tested king-size cigarettes, constantly changing the size of cigarettes Pall Mall 100, adding filters and much more.

Cigarettes Pall Mall 100 is a pioneer of a new popular cigarette standard – 100 mm. These changes brought victory to Pall Mall and none of the tests was a failure. Thanks to the new technology and novelties, in 1960 Pall Mall became the most popular cigarette brand in the USA. Afterwards, confident advertising, quality improvement and continued implementation of the new production methods, as well as the promotion of Pall Mall USA cigarettes, was started outside of the USA.

Today, cigarettes Pall Mall gold are cigarettes for mature people, those who choose the real good cigarettes, who have tasted enough tobacco kinds in their life that can truly appreciate this cigarette brand. One can only discover the properties and quality of Pall Mall cigarettes online, when he compares them to the other cigarette brands. Otherwise an inexperienced smoker won’t get the whole beauty of it. Many people, who start smoking cigarettes Pall Mall light, discover the new taste, new aroma and new quality that surpass all the other cigarettes and which becomes the main one in their life.

Pall Mall cigarettes types

There is a large number of cigarettes Pall Mall types:

  • Pall Mall Lights (Blue)
  • Pall Mall Full Filter
  • Pall Mall Nanokings Amber
  • Pall Mall Nanokings Blue
  • Pall Mall Superslims Blue 100s
  • Pall Mall Blue
  • Pall Mall Superslims Amber 100s
  • Pall Mall Azure
  • Pall Mall Nanokings Silver
  • Pall Mall Superslims Silver 100s.

You can choose whatever you like.

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