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Brand Lucky Strike cigarettes

Lucky Strike is one of the oldest and famous global cigarette brands on the tobacco market. Lucky Strike cigarettes tobacco brand appeared in 1871, so the best, qualitative and tested cigarettes have reached our time. The time changed different cigarette brands, but Lucky Strike cigarettes contemporary brand hasn’t practically changed. There were few changes and re-branding during the entire Lucky Strike cigarettes history, still these cigarettes are one of the best.

When Tobacco Company released Lucky Strike cigarettes for sale for the first time, it was issued as a chewing tobacco. This brand was very popular that time and had great sales. Thus, as progress goes on, in 1905 Lucky Strike cigarettes official company produced the first cigarettes. And after that brand Lucky Strike started growing and gain even greater popularity in the tobacco market. People actually liked the new Lucky Strike cigarettes unfiltered because of their pleasant flavor, although they were no special that time. Lucky Strike cigarettes non filter became famous due to new methods of tobacco processing.

Unlike other tobacco companies, which were involved into chopping and mixing different tobacco kinds, Lucky Strike producers additionally roasted the tobacco, and therefore the taste of Lucky Strike cigarettes USA became more flavored and truly unforgettable. The male and female audience was fond of rich and pleasant aroma of Lucky Strike cigarettes silver. So, Lucky Strike is not just strong and heavy cigarettes, meant for one type of buyer. These are good and inexpensive cigarettes, which are available for every person.

Initial Lucky Strike cigarettes price was always very attractive, as this cigarette brand wasn’t expensive but had an average price category. Therefore many people could afford to buy Lucky Strike cigarettes UK. Time-tested quality of Lucky Strike cigarettes for sale is still welcomed by people from many countries of the world. This happens because Lucky Strike cigarette brand only improves the production and achieves incredible success in new developments over time.

The combination of such factors like: price, quality, aroma, flavor and age allowed Lucky Strike cigarettes official brand to enter the top of the best world cigarette brands. Series of advertisements were also launched in promotion of Lucky Strike cigarettes brand. This advertising company involved well-known Hollywood celebrities. This is quite popular type of cigarettes promotion, which was often used by almost all known manufacturers.

In 2006 the production of Lucky Strike cigarettes USA was stopped in North America. However, British American Tobacco still keeps the brand promotion.

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