Brand Gauloises cigarettes

Altadis Tobacco is widely known company in Europe, producing one of the best cigarette brand, called Gauloises. Altadis Tobacco is an old Company, which produces no less old cigarettes, considered as the best ones since the old times. This cigarette Brand has a very interesting Gauloises cigarettes history, passing through many years, but stays one of the best ones until now.

Gauloises cigarettes UK have always been among worthy cigarettes, so decent persons who preferred this cigarette trademark have smoked them. Military men were fond of Gauloises cigarettes smoke, after they had rested of heavy fighting. These qualitative cigarettes were smoked by senior ranks and even celebrities. Gauloises is a symbol of patriotism, love and respect to France. If every country has such a brand, which represents all the history and love to the state, then it is Gauloises in France. French cigarettes Gauloises are smoked by majority of French people.

Gauloises combines incredible flavors and fragrances. The fact is that manufacturers of Gauloises cigarettes lights use a special tobacco blend – combination of Syrian and Turkish tobacco. Such tobacco blend gives an unforgettable and delicate flavor to Gauloises cigarettes. Discount cigarettes Gauloises are very mild and pleasant to smoke, although they are not so strong like the others, they are still nice to smoke. Gauloises cigarettes can be called a mixture of eastern temper with a French quality. Although Gauloises cigarettes pronunciation is a French one and considered to be quite difficult for the foreign smokers, the quality and amazing taste of Gauloises cigarettes online UK stays their most important feature.

Gauloises cigarettes USA were always considered as a high-level brand with supreme properties, which allowed to equate them to premium class cigarettes. Many cigarette brands, which have only their brand name and advertisement, can never be compared with truly high-class cigarettes Gauloises. They don’t need advertising, it’s all about their quality, their level, their rank and superiority.

Although Gauloises cigarettes Altadis lost its customers after its production was transferred to Spain, people who truly value the quality of these cigarettes, will never refuse to buy cigarettes Gauloises. Multiple cigarette brands are no equal to Gauloises, and it will return its glory. The number of sales doesn’t really matter, the only thing that matters, is that what kind of people buy Gauloises cigarettes and how they do that, because men are not just smoking them, but they simply enjoy them.

Gauloises cigarettes kinds

Today, Gauloises is available at our online cigarette store in the following kinds:

  • Gauloises Blondes Blue: 12 mg – tar; 0,9 mg – nicotine
  • Gauloises Blondes Red: 10 mg – tar; 0,8 mg – nicotine
  • Gauloises Blondes Yellow: 4 mg – tar; 0,4 mg – nicotine

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