Brand Esse cigarettes

Modern feminine cigarettes should be nice, delicate, original, beautiful and austere at the same time, as these are cigarettes after all. It’s not so easy to reach that kind of combination and most of tobacco brands can’t make it, but popular Korean brand Esse produces cigarettes for women, which suit the above parameters.

Cheap Esse cigarettes are unique and completely feminine ones. Although men can smoke these cigarettes too, Esse cigarettes Korea will probably stay feminine for all the times. And this is right, because women should also have their own cigarettes, which would reflect the female sight, and not just rough male strength and freedom.

Mild flavors, pleasant and sweet fragrances, nice looking appearance – all these are cigarettes Esse. The manufacturer of this trademark is Korean tobacco company – Korea Tobacco & Ginseng Corp. If you’ve never tried Korean cigarettes, then Esse is the main guide to the taste and preferences of Koreans. They’ve achieved such goals, which other famous cigarettes brands can get rarely.

Esse cigarettes UK are so popular not just because they are feminine, but because they are made at a very good recipe, using only the best tobacco kinds. They are nice, qualitative and have average prices. Such low prices allow every woman to buy Esse cigarettes. Esse are one of the best feminine cigarettes, as they have noticeable differences. Well, Esse cigarettes online are different from the other brands, by that they do not contain strong tobacco types, therefore they have also less tar and nicotine, comparing to the other cigarettes.

Cigarettes Esse blue are very popular among young women for many reasons. First of all, the special super-filter is used in the production of Esse cigarettes. It has an absorbent capacity, improving the cleaning of the smoke. Due to this, cheap Esse cigarettes have a very pleasant and mild flavor, which is preferable for women.

Secondly, Esse cigarettes black are released in the form of long thin cigarettes of 85 mg and 100 mg, which is also good for women, as big male cigarettes do not fit gentle and sophisticated ladies. And finally, the small amount of nicotine and tar are also positive features, influencing the choice of many ladies.

If you smoke cheap Esse cigarettes, then there will be no smoke smell from you. Surrounding people won’t feel unpleasant tobacco smell, as Esso cigarettes UK were made especially for ladies, who always want to be the best. Millions of women from around the world prefer cigarettes Esse.

Brand Esse kinds

Nowadays, brand Esse is represented by the following cigarette line:

  • ESSE Super Slims Menthol 100’s: tar – 6 mg; nicotine – 0,5 mg
  • Esse Black mini: tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,4 mg
  • Esse Super Slims Blue: tar – 4,5 mg; nicotine – 0,45 mg
  • ESSE Super Slims Gold: tar – 3,5 mg; nicotine – 0,4 mg
  • Esse Super Slims 100’s: tar – 6,5 mg; nicotine – 0,65 mg
  • ESSE Super Slims Field 100’s: tar – 2,5 mg; nicotine – 0,3 mg

You can buy Esse cigarettes of any kind at our online cigarette store. If you prefer menthol cigarettes, then you can always order Esse Lights and they’ll be delivered right to your place. Not only lady can purchase Esse cigarettes, but men as well. Just try feminine cigarettes Esse online, and you will probably love them, because the main thing is a good taste and pleasant aroma, which you get when smoking. You can buy any number of Esse cigarettes right now. We will register your order and send Esse cigarettes to you as soon as possible.