Brand Dunhill cigarettes

Another cigarette brand of premium class is called brand Dunhill. This cigarette trademark is known worldwide, because it was initially meant for those people who can actually afford it. The production of Dunhill cigarettes for sale was started in London, at the store of Alfred Dunhill, who was selling these cigarettes to the rich people.

Dunhill cigarettes UK were started in 1907, but the manufacturers were changed frequently during the whole Dunhill cigarettes history of these brand development. This cigarette brand was redeemed by different tobacco companies, because cheap Dunhill cigarettes are really worth it. Today, one of the most popular and biggest tobacco companies British Ameriacan Tobacco produces cigarettes Dunhill international. Dunhill cigarettes company is now well known among many others world tobacco companies, thanks to the popularity of Dunhill cigarettes red.

Now and then, discount cigarettes Dunhill were considered as premium class cigarettes. Therefore they are made of high quality tobacco on the best technology, which not just retain the properties of tobacco, but saturate it, making it even better. Dunhill cigarettes for sale are made of wrapper tobacco Virginia. The biggest advantage of this brand has always been its quality.

Cheap cigarettes Dunhill have been always produced from 100% tobacco, without any fragrances, impurities and other extra additives. That’s why online cigarettes Dunhill are so popular and has a unique flavor, taste and gives indescribable feeling. But these are not all the secrets of cigarettes Dunhill cheap. The unique and delicate taste of these cigarettes was pursued due to a special technology of tobacco leaf cutting. When producing Dunhill cigarettes fine cut, the tobacco leaves are cut twice thinner, than in all the other world cigarettes. This gave nice and pleasant features to the flavor and taste of Dunhill cigarettes USA.

Dunhill cigarettes kinds

Brand Dunhill is represented by quite a wide range of products. You can find here light as well as quite strong grades, but they are all smoked very softly and pleasantly.

  • Dunhill Fine Cut White: tar – 1 mg; nicotine – 0,1 mg
  • Dunhill Lights (Blue): tar – 7 mg; nicotine – 0,7 mg
  • Dunhill Red: tar – 10 mg; nicotine – 0,9 mg
  • Dunhill Fine Cut Menthol 100s: tar – 7 mg; nicotine – 0,6 mg
  • Dunhill Fine Cut Azure: tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,4 mg
  • Dunhill Fine Cut Dark Blue: tar – 7 mg; nicotine – 0,7 mg
  • Dunhill Fine Cut Black: tar – 10 mg; nicotine – 0,9 mg

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