Brand Marlboro cigarettes

One of the most famous cigarette brand Marlboro started its existence in 1924. This cigarette brand is very popular, being a bestseller around the word for many years now. Marlboro is probably known to everybody, as it is famous not only for its huge advertising campaign, but history itself. Marlboro cigarettes for sale are very nice and strong flavored cigarettes, which bring pleasure to the smoker. When a person is smoking a cigarette, he enjoys the taste and aroma of wholesale cigarettes Marlboro.

Marlboro cigarettes are produced by Philip Morris company, which is one of the best one tobacco Companies. Only such huge and qualified Company as Philip Morris could create a truly unique cigarettes, which can please any smoker and cigarette fan. Marlboro has got a very interesting story, as the Company always made some significant changes in production of Marlboro cigarettes.

Marlboro cigarettes history is very interesting, as they were making a lot of changes in the brand all the time. Everything had been changed in cheap Marlboro cigarettes: pack design, slogans, orientation of cigarettes and much more. The producers of discount Marlboro cigarettes should have been done this way to create very good Marlboro cigarettes types, which people can now afford.

First, cigarettes Marlboro USA were made for women, it was a feminine cigarette brand. It’s hard to believe this, but it’s true. Marlboro cigarettes were absolutely female, therefore there was a red stripe on the filter in order to hide the traces of lipstick. It was pretty convenient, because the cigarette didn’t look dirty, but looked gracefully in the lips of every woman. Besides, the company later produced cigarettes Marlboro menthol and cigarettes Marlboro light, so women could enjoy their favorite cigarettes in different flavors. But as it was mentioned before, in Marlboro cigarettes info, they had to undergo great changes, namely this cigarette brand should become male cigarette brand instead of male one.

Men also were fond of cheap Marlboro cigarettes so they start buying them quite regularly. Philip Morris Company noticed that the number of consumers has increased and transformed discount cigarettes Marlboro into a purely male cigarette brand. Since 1947 types of Marlboro cigarettes became originally male brand, representing the pure male strength, courage and freedom. Today Marlboro cigarettes tobacco is of course a symbol of a cowboy, symbolizing the free and brave man.

Cigarettes Marlboro USA have a strong and heavy smoke, which also underlines the changes, the rough and tough masculine strength. Despite the fact that Marlboro cigarettes sale became a male cigarette brand, still women like smoking these cigarettes too, sometimes even more than men do. Discount cigarettes Marlboro have a very pleasant though a strong flavor.

Most of the smokers admit that free Marlboro cigarettes do have this different taste and they like it by the way, which means they enjoy it and that’s why these people choose Marlboro cigarettes UK. Everyone who wants to try Marlboro cigarettes tesco will find exactly what he wanted.

Marlboro cigarettes kinds

Marlboro cigarettes types are produced in several kinds:

  • Marlboro Red: 9-10 mg tar; 0,7-0,8 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Gold: 6 mg tar; 0,5 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Flavor Plus: 3 mg tar; 0,2 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Extra Flavor: 6 mg tar; 0,5 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Flavor Mix: 8 mg tar; 0,6 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Gold Edge mini: 4 mg tar; 0,3 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Gold Touch: 6 mg tar; 0,5 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Gold Fine Touch: 4 mg tar; 0,4 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Accent: 4 mg tar; 0,4 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Filter Plus One: 1 mg tar; 0,1 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Blue Fresh Menthol: 7 mg tar; 0,6 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Blue Ice Menthol: 7 mg tar; 0,5 mg nicotine
  • Marlboro Silver: 4 mg tar; 0,4 mg nicotine

Well despite the fact that most of Marlboro cigarettes types contain much tar and Marlboro cigarettes nicotine level, they are still very popular among men and women alike. You can buy Marlboro cigarettes cheap carton at our online cigarette store. Try real and meaningful cigarettes that have passed a long way and stayed the best ones. You can buy Marlboro cigarettes online right from your home or office. The delivery of Marlboro cigarettes online takes little time, therefore if you decided to buy Marlboro cigarettes free shipping, then it’s the best variant for you.