Brand Kent cigarettes

There only few real tobacco companies, which produce very good and worthy cigarettes. They are not so many, because they own all specialists, creating incredible images. As a result, great cigarettes are produced. So, one of such companies is British American Tobacco.

This company produces enough cigarette brands to be called the best one, because it created Kent cigarettes history.
Kent – is a famous and popular cigarette brand, created in 1952. This cigarette brand is so popular among people, because cheap Kent cigarettes are the real ones. They are not just flavored and tasteless cigarettes, but actually good and qualitative cigarettes. Well, Kent cigarettes USA became a so-called pioneer, as the company first used cigarette filter in 1952. Initially, this filter was made of asbestos, but today only new charcoal filters are used. Kent cigarettes carton was always special, as they were almost of premium class and were sold in soft packs. This was the distinctive feature of Kent cigarettes carton, distinguishing them among the others.

Cigarettes Kent Nanotek differ by their elegant shape, delicate taste and pleasant flavor. Originally, cigarettes Kent King were considered as expensive ones, as they were close to the premium class cigarettes and people preferred them to other cigarettes. British American Tobacco Company has released Kent cigarettes 70 mm long. This cigarette brand simply blew up the USA cigarette market. Well, in fact, Kent cigarettes UK have competed with the most successful and popular cigarette brands, which had a long history and had their fans at that time.

Kent cigarettes kinds

Discount Kent cigarettes were produced in different flavors: original versions as well as menthol flavored. Today, the development and rebranding have made significant changes of Kent cigarettes review, thanks to which they are released in wide assortment.

  • Kent Blue Futura Nr. 8: tar – 8 mg; nicotine – 0,7 mg
  • Kent Convertibles: tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,3 mg
  • Kent Silver Neo Nr. 4: tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,3 mg
  • Kent White Infina Nr. 1: tar – 1 mg; nicotine – 0,1 mg
  • Kent INFINA mini: tar – 1 mg; nicotine – 0,1 mg
  • Kent NEO mini: tar – 4 mg; nicotine – 0,3 mg
  • Kent Futura mini: tar – 7 mg; nicotine – 0,6 mg

It’s worth noting that cheap Kent cigarettes are made for everybody. They can be used by both: the beginners, as there is Kent Light with a minimum amount of tar and nicotine. Also, fans of strong and medium cigarettes can also find Kent cigarettes Nanotek suitable for them.

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