Brand Camel cigarettes

Tough, strong flavored, heavy and smoky cigarettes for real men – that’s how Camel cigarettes are presented.

The world-famous cigarette brand Camel is one of the most popular and interesting brands in the history of the cigarette market.

Camel cigarettes review has an interesting creation history and perhaps that’s why these cigarettes are among the best and most popular ones in the world today.

The establishment of cheap Camel cigarettes was the beginning of the fight between cigarette manufacturers and males, namely with their smoking style. That time men preferred cigars and pipes that was quite inconvenient for the producers, because cigarettes are much easier to produce than cigars. So that’s why the new idea came to the mind of cheap Camel cigarette producers: they wanted to create such a cigarette, which would be no worse than a cigar, had the same strengths and would symbolize a free and venturesome man.

Passion for freedom, the wind of wanderings and excitement of adventures – this is the slogan, which symbolizes the cheap Camel cigarettes occurrence. These words began a long and successful ascent of cigarettes to the top of the human desires.

Camel cigarettes UK are produced from dark and tart Turkish tobacco blend and light mild Virginia tobaccos: Virginia and Burley, which complement each other and compose a unique and simply delightful mixture of taste and aroma. Due to the adding of Turkish tobacco, Camel cigarettes online have got a rough note of a real man. When smoking types of Camel cigarettes, men can feel a special smoky flavor, which was especially preferable by people long ago. This was one of the reasons, why men started using cheap cigarettes Camel instead of their usual cigars.

Well, the pros of cheap Camel cigarettes promotion were not just the quality and strong heavy smoke. Camel producers gained a huge success, thanks to the brand promotion and clever advertising. People were interested and soon everybody wanted to try these cigarettes. Before the release of Camel cigarettes blue, manufacturers have published the picture of camels and a sign: “The camels are coming!” in local newspapers. People were truly surprised and simply couldn’t understand what was going on. The advertisement grew more and more each day, and soon appeared different slogans, like camels were still coming, the flow of camels and their increasing number up to the number of people. But no one could solve this riddle until the very day, when new Camel cigarettes types appeared on the shelves of all stores.

Well, because of such unusual and still popular advertisement, people wanted to test the new Camel cigarettes.

Camel can be called the most stable cigarette brand, because it hasn’t practically been changed. The entire Camel cigarettes history – Camel Jo was the main symbol, which still decorates the cigarette pack. The minimal changes of pack design didn’t lead to the changes of cigarette taste and flavor. So if you want to enjoy the cigarettes, which were smoked by our fathers and grandfathers, then Camel cigarettes UK is one of the few cigarette brands, which saved its history until our days.

Camel brand kinds

Camel cigarettes are produced in different kinds:

  • Camel Filter – tar 12 mg; nicotine 0,9 mg
  • Camel Filter – tar 8 mg; nicotine 0,7 mg
  • Camel Silver – tar 4 mg; nicotine 0,4 mg
  • Camel Black mini – tar 6 mg; nicotine 0,5 mg
  • Camel White mini – tar 4 mg; nicotine 0,4 mg
  • Camel Non Filter – tar 10 mg; nicotine 0,8 mg
  • Camel Mild – tar 10 mg; nicotine 0,8 mg
  • Camel One – tar 1 mg; nicotine 0,1 mg
  • Camel Natural Flavor 6 – tar 6 mg; nicotine 0,6 mg
  • Camel Natural Flavor 4 – tar 4 mg; nicotine 0,4 mg
  • Camel Natural Flavor 8 – tar 8 mg; nicotine 0,7 mg

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