Brand Bond cigarettes

Over 100 years Cigarette brand Bond offers its unique and qualitative cigarettes for each person. This world-famous brand was started in 1902, moving up to the cigarette market step by step. Soon cheap Bond cigarettes gained the new fans and admirers of good and prime cigarettes. In fact, Bond cigarettes from Europe were never meant for conquering the public and creating the healthy competition to the well known cigarettes of premium class. Well, now brand Bond can declare itself as long-term and successful cigarette brand, which cigarettes are smoked worldwide. But at that time cheap Bond cigarettes were meant for a middle class with average incomes and simply could not compete with the giants of the tobacco business.

Still, the advantages of discount Bond cigarettes stay the high quality of tobacco and relatively low price, which allows each person to estimate and try the taste of these cigarettes. Gold Bond cigarettes are sold in stores over 50 countries of the world, and we can surely say that this cigarette brand is among the 10 best cigarette companies in the world. No one could even dream about such fame for the last few decades.

At the time cheap Bond cigarettes from occurrence, there were no such significant and revolutionary events that could influence people’s opinion about these cigarettes. The promotion of Bond cigarettes cheap on the market was quite moderate. The manufacturers never used neither some great marketing move nor attracted the customers by colorful and sometimes tricky advertisement, nor sponsored the whole events, or sport teams and so on. As it was already said, discount Bond cigarettes were created for the middle-class consumer and simply couldn’t be compared with premium class cigarettes. But due to the proper pricing policy and the usual good quality of cheap Bond cigarettes, this cigarette brand has won most of the audience, and many people prefer namely these cigarettes today.

The name “Bond” actually came later. Initially these cigarettes were called Old Bond Street, after the name of the store on Bond Street in London. But after the rebranding, which took place in 90’s, the pack and cigarette appearance have been changed. Thanks to this change, the famous cigarette brand began to gain speed on the manufacturing market. Year 2006 became remarkable for discount Bond cigarettes as there were presented Bond Street Special, which were already premium-class cigarettes.

Bond cigarettes kinds

Today, Bond cigarettes online has got a huge variety of different cigarettes, there are 6 kinds:

  • Bond Classic Selection – tar 12 mg; nicotine 0,9 mg
  • Bond Fine Selection – tar 4 mg; nicotine 0,4 mg
  • Bond Special Selection – tar 6 mg; nicotine 0,6 mg
  • Bond Super Slims Silver 100s – tar 3 mg; nicotine 0,3 mg
  • Bond Super Slims Gold 100s – tar 5 mg; nicotine 0,5 mg
  • Bond One – tar 1 mg; nicotine 0,1 mg

Every person who likes gold Bond cigarettes can choose those ones, which suit him best and enjoy the flavor of these cigarettes every day. Until now, cheap Bond cigarettes remained generally fine and qualitative cigarettes, which are easily affordable and pleasant to smoke.

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