About us

There are many online cigarette stores these days. However, our company is a well-known cigarette store for over seven years now. All these years we worked on development of rational promotion and supply of our products all over the world. Finally, our company gained great reputation in the selling and shipping of cigarettes on the Internet. Because our online cigarette store distributes only reliable and high-quality cigarettes timely, millions of smokers from different countries choose our service every day.

We care about our clients and we try to improve our service daily. Therefore, our prices are more than reasonable. Since cigarettes we provide are produced in Europe, our company can afford to set low prices, as the expenditures on labor are relatively small. All this makes our online cigarette store a favorable place where you can buy nearly any of your favorite cigarette brand at a low price.

You should know that our company has nothing to do with fire safe cigarettes, unlike many American companies do. Many smokers are unsatisfied with fire safe cigarettes for a reason. Since these cigarettes contain a lot of additives that make them fire safe, they also leave a metallic taste in mouth. Our store does not provide fire safe cigarettes, so the products we sell are traditional cigarettes without any additives. This makes our online cigarette store a favorable place for American customers as well.

Because we are certain about the quality of cigarettes we sell, we can guarantee our customers a complete refund in case they are unhappy with the product received. Sometimes the parcel is late or lost during the shipping, so our customers can also get a full refund in no time. What we do, is for the best for our loyal and new customers only. The best proof of good online service and high-quality products is hundreds of clients that visit our online store over and over again!