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Buying Cigarettes Online: Modern Meets Classic

It is very interesting that everyone now can buy cigarettes online, though only few years ago this was impossible due to many legal issues and undeveloped e-commerce. It is also interesting to follow the history of cigarettes and their impact on our culture.

From the history of cigarettes

Tobacco and its consumption have a long tradition and history. Originally the tobacco plant originates from North America. Tobacco can be chewed, snorted or smoked.

At first people smoked only cigars or pipes and such way of smoking tobacco was the only one for centuries. It was the beginning of the 18th century, when cigarettes were invented as another way to smoke tobacco. In order to exploit the high demand of tobacco and increase the effect from smoking working class representatives started to make little snippets to smoking tobacco warped in thin paper.

At the beginning of the 19th century, these snippets finally got their name – cigarettes. The word cigarette is of French origin and means “diminutive form of cigar”. Cigarettes can be smoked faster than cigars, they are easier to handle and cheaper than the traditional cigars.

Many people preferred to buy cigarettes instead of expensive cigars and that is why cigarettes evolved. At the very beginning of the 20th century quickly becomes the symbol of the emancipation – many liberal women smoke to demonstrate equal rights with men. At that time cigarettes were affordable for everyone. Since those days such brands as Marlboro, Winston, Lucky Strike and many other American cigarette brands made their names (mostly thanks to the World War II when many soldiers smoke to relive stress during war actions).

Today cigarettes have a solid fan base all over the world. Despite many restrictions and limitations smokers prefer to buy cigarettes than cigars and are ready to buy their favorite brands online because many countries restrict sales of certain strong cigarette series like Marlboro Light cigarettes.

Nowadays cigarettes are offered in different price segments, with different ingredients and varying degrees of strength. In addition, many modern cigarettes are sold under the label “No additives” and they are really lighter comparing to classic American tobacco products. On our website modern meets classic – we offer our clients different brands and series of strong and light cigarettes at very good prices.

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Thanks to the Internet you can really buy everything your heart desires. As it is not surprising that you can buy cigarettes and all tobacco products online.

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